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May 7, 2013


ESPN, Fox Sports Preparing For Bidding War On Tim Tebow

by Jared

So we already know that Fox Sports is preparing to take ESPN head on.  Now the New York Daily News is reporting that both companies are prepared to bid on the services of Tim Tebow as a college football analyst.

There is no bigger name on the current Fox Sports roster, no bigger new name it could bring to FS1, than Tim Tebow. Fox’s college football studio show now consists of Erin Andrews, Eddie George and Joey Harrington. Throw Tebow into the mix and the buzz becomes huge, the sizzle electric. Tebow’s loyal flock of eyeballs would follow him, significantly increasing the ratings of a show rarely discussed.

The ESPN faculty is aware Tebow could be in play. Word is they believe he will be playing football somewhere this season. If that’s not the case they ain’t letting Tebow waltz to Fox, or any other outlets (like NBC Sports Network or CBS Sports Network), without pursuing him, big-time.

Tebow is the “get” that would make Fox Sports 1 an instant threat to the ESPN Mothership. But if Tim is smart, he’ll steer clear. He could make just as much if not more money traveling the world on the lecture circuit.

Again this is all speculation. Personally I believe Tebow will be playing somewhere in the NFL come September. However, if for some reason he isn’t in an NFL uniform, the thought of him and Skip Bayless on the same screen is mighty enticing.


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