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May 16, 2013


Lindsey Vonn Will Marry Tiger Woods Only If He Agrees to Give Her Half in a Divorce

by Jared

So Tiger Woods is ready to get married again, but Lindsey Vonn has some serious rules if she is going to be the next Mrs. Woods. 

“During a heart-to-heart about their future in early May, Tiger swore he’s a changed man and told Lindsey that he wants to buy her a ring this summer,” The Enquirer’s source said. “Tiger also casually mentioned that he’d already contacted his lawyers about drawing up a prenup to protect his assets.”

The 28-year-old Vonn reportedly wants half of those assets if their marriage goes belly up. She even wants a cash payout for each affair.

“Lindsey told Tiger that she’d marry him, but said that she wants half of his $600 million fortune if they divorce,” said the source. “And as insurance against him straying, Lindsey warned Tiger that he’ll also have to sign an agreement to give her a lump sum of $20 million for every incidence of cheating.”

Tiger just gave his last wife $110 million, so it’s smart of Lindsey Vonn to want half. Half of Tiger Woods buys you the moon. Does anyone really think Tiger is a changed man though? Someone like Tiger Woods isn’t going to change for Lindsey Vonn. Maybe Mila Kunis, but definitely not Lindsey Vonn.

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  1. Robert
    May 17 2013

    This news is complety false.
    Lindsey Vonn is a family girl and not a bitch.
    Only bitches ask for half fortune of Tiger.
    She is not a baby-sitter like Elin.


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