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June 5, 2013

LeBron James Says Paul Pierce Is His Biggest Rival

by Jared

LeBron James could have called Kevin Durant his greatest rival. It would make sense because Durant comes closer than anyone else to James’ brilliance at this time. They work out together during the offseason and met in the 2012 NBA Finals. Durant has said he measures himself against James and doesn’t want to remain second-fiddle forever.

James could have called Kobe Bryant his greatest rival. Historically speaking, Bryant has accomplished more than James. Looking years down the road, it’s the Los Angeles Laker (among others) who James will look to pass. James is performing better now than Bryant ever did during his career (here comes the hate mail from Bryant fans, but it’s true), yet longevity counts and so do titles, so James still has more to accomplish.

When asked by NBA TV’s Ahmad Rashad about the subject recently, though, the league MVP said he does not consider Bryant his top rival. He did not mention Durant, either.

When you think about it Paul Pierce makes a lot of sense. The Celtics big three were the whole reason why LeBron decided to go to Miami. You can still expect Skip Bayless to have a field day with this answer.


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