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June 5, 2013

Stephen Jackson Made More Money Than Tim Duncan This Year

by Jared

Tim Duncan is playing for a fifth NBA title. Stephen Jackson was cut prior to the start of the playoffs. Guess which guy made more money this season?

If you guessed Jackson then you’re right. Jackson made $10 million this season compared to Duncan’s $9.65 million.

Tim Duncan is making less than many of his elite peers because he signed a contract this past offseason that would help the Spurs sign quality players to support him. His big pay cut (down from $21.15 in 2012) helped the Spurs get under the luxury tax threshold and is undeniably part of why the Spurs are still playing in June.

Tim Duncan signed his new contract last summer with little fanfare, and certainly didn’t hold any sort of ridiculous press conference to announce what a good guy he is.

When Stephen Jackson was asked yesterday if he has any regrets about how things ended with San Antonio, he responded. “Nope. Got my money.”

Is it any wonder that Tim Duncan is gearing up for another title shot, while Stephen Jackson isgetting pedicures? Even though they’re both making a ton of money and the difference is negligible, can anyone seriously argue that Jackson should make a dime more than Duncan?


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