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June 10, 2013

Chipper Jones’ Illegal Immigration Plan Involves Alligators

by Jared

Jones has a reputation as someone who tweets first and asks questions later. The question he should have asked before the tweet below is, “Could this be considered a racist joke?” Because, filling the Rio Grande with alligators to eat Mexicans certainly could be considered not cool. Even Kenny Powers wouldn’t go there these days. And Jones felt compelled to apologize for it the next day. But not before.

Jones would later apologize for that tweet, but the damage was done. What’s great about social media controversies like this is that, when a celebrity tweets something that some people find offensive, that celebrity’s fans inevitably jump in and defend him/her. That happened with Chipper. But then when said celebrity apologizes and says, yes, my tweet was out of line, he in effect throws all of those fans under the bus. There should be a 48-hour waiting period required to defend someone on Twitter.


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