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June 19, 2013

Nerlens Noel & His Entourage Scaring NBA Teams Away

by Jared

The Big Lead via Kentucky Sports Radio is reporting that Noel and his entourage, aka handlers, are scaring NBA teams away.

Some reports suggest that the Wizards with the #3 pick, wouldn’t even consider Noel if he’s still on the board.

The major red flag concerning Nerlens may be the people he’s surrounding himself with. Simmons and Russillo discussed Nerlens’ “handlers,” and how they are making things difficult for teams to get information about him. Apparently, it is very hard to get in touch with Noel, who just hired agents on Thursday. Russillo says that Worldwide Wes AND Lebron James’ agent Rich Paul tried to get in touch with Nerlens, but Nerlens’ crew “blew them off.” They also blew off one agent six times in a row before finally meeting with him. Russillo calls the entourage “epic bad news men”

So, could Nerlens Noel become the Geno Smith of the NBA draft? While Noel will not fall to the second round like Geno did, there are some comparisons. Both were projected to be the first pick, then teams met them and they both came across as assholes. If this is true it’s bad news for Noel. He’s coming off of major knee surgery and is 200 pounds soaking wet. The last thing he needs right now is teams thinking he’s a diva.

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