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June 21, 2013

LeBron James to media in locker room: ‘Get the f— outta my face’

by Jared

After speaking to several reporters both on the court and in the locker room, LeBron had apparently had enough. As the folks at Busted Coverage pointed out, he told the media off at one point during the Heat’s postgame celebration.

“I don’t wanna talk to y’all no more,” LeBron said after answering some questions. “Leave me alone. Get the f— outta my face. I’ll see y’all at the podium.”

In LeBron’s defense, he was probably just looking to focus on celebrating with his teammates after a long season and an epic NBA Finals. Also, he had already been drinking at that point. That being said, these are the types of comments that you never heard from guys like Michael Jordan and make it easier to hate on LeBron.

And if it’s easy to hate on LeBron, it’s down right simple to dislike Dwyane Wade. After telling the media to get out of his face, LeBron answered a few more questions. At one point, he began praising Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen for being a three-time champion and a two-time champion and two of the best shooting guards of all-time. Wade didn’t need the praise from LeBron — he was happy to shower himself with it.

“How do you say two of the best shooting guards ever?” Wade asked reporters. “How you say two of the best shooting guards ever? Huh? How you say that? Huh? We make it work. We make it work.”

We get that everyone was amped up, but notice how Allen stood their quietly without saying a word. That’s because unlike Wade, he’s a modest person. Between dirty plays like this and obnoxiously flashy birthday celebrations, Wade is much easier to hate than LeBron will ever be.

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