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July 15, 2013

So, There’s A Rumor That RGIII Was Texting This Hooters Waitress On The Morning Of His Wedding…

by Jared

So, when (ex?) Hooters waitress (her credibility sounds ironclad) Meredith Barber conjures the story: Robert Griffin III texted me, trying to hook up, at 1:00 a.m. the morning of his wedding to Rebecca Liddicoat, we have to at least examine the story, despite the fact that it’s probably bullshit.

Busted Coverage has all of the details; check them out. We will give you the synopsis and a skepticism rating, from “she’s a greedy asshole,” to “even if this happened, there’s no proof.”

The evidence:

She sent Busted Coverage a screencap of a text, purportedly from “RgIII,” the morning of his wedding. He appears to want to hook up with her in this text. We have no idea it’s actually from RGIII.

But, there is a bit more. It does appear that Barber may have had some sort of relationship with RGIII in the past. It doesn’t give her a shred of credibility, but it does mean she may not be coming completely out of nowhere. Busted Coverage has a picture of her posting tickets to a Redskins game that she claims RGIII gave her, a while ago. (Then again, she later denied that was the case. So, yeah.)

Also: RGIII quoted a tweet from one of his groomsmen, telling Meredith that “RGIII doesn’t love you.” Griffin added: “No worries bro.” We at SportsGrid are hard-hitting journalists.

To further defeat her credibility, Meredith emailed Busted Coverage after the story was posted, telling them the whole thing it was a “joke,” then telling them it wasn’t a joke, then asking how much they’d give for pictures of his RGPenis.

Then, they received a message that seems to clear this up.

RG3′s buddy William Mallow, who was in his wedding, sends word that Ms. Barber is full of shit and is just looking to get paid.

Look I’m going to cut through the BS and just get down to it. We both know that Meredith is looking for attention/money. I know this is what you do for a living and you thought that this would be a golden opportunity but the fact of the matter is that this is completely false. I was with Robert the night in question, and there was zero texting of other girls, much less selfie stomach shots. That isn’t even close to what the bathroom of the suite we were in looked like.
It’s completely unfair to crucify a guy who is a role model to hundreds of thousands of people because all he’s done from day 1 is the right thing. The guy didn’t take a SIP of alcohol during the entire time of the bachelor party in Vegas the weekend before. He’s completely committed and in love with his wife, and would never jeopardize that.
If you want any further information or proof, please let me know. I also have screenshots of Meredith yesterday admitting to me via texts that this was all a joke and that someone grabbed her phone.


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