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July 19, 2013

Brendan Haywood Tells Author They Should “Jump Off A Tall Building”

by Jared

Brendan Haywood, a center on the Charlotte Bobcats, was seemingly enraged when he saw a friend’s Instagram post about the book “Up On Game” by Mandii B. of the websiteFullCourtPumps. In the words of the author, the book details “eight different experiences with eight different athletes by eight different girls,” but that isn’t the idea that Haywood got.

Here’s his response to the Instagram post:

Haywood is obviously pretty mad about this book, mostly because he thinks it’s a guide for aspiring golddiggers. He goes so far as to say that the author should “jump off a tall building,” which seems to be at least a tad bit harsh.

Mandii B. responded to Haywood’s comments on her website:

“I take it his mother never taught him not to judge a book by its cover. On top of that, I prefer my feet on the ground so sorry, sir, but I won’t be jumping off any buildings anytime soon.

I don’t say that all athletes are the same, because of course they are all their own person HOWEVER they have many similarities and handle women the same….majority of the time. They cheat, they deal with multiple women, they lie, and they have the luxury of having anyone they want at any given time.

The book also does not say you will NEVER be happy with an athlete either. Everyone measures happiness differently and while some women just can not deal with the truth of their man bedding other women, other women could be completely fine with it as long as they know they are number 1 and have the title.

That’s the hardcore truth.”

She goes on to cite four mediocre athletes (plus Chad Johnson) who tweeted about her book and supported it. The tweets are almost identical, so it appears that she probably paid for them and the athletes never read her book.

FullCourtPumps, the website behind the book, provides a female perspective on the sport of basketball. But it seems that Mandii B. thinks pretty highly of herself, judging by this description on the site’s About page: “Why Fullcourtpumps and where did you come up with that name? It’s actually quite clever and borderline genius if you ask me. The name of the site Fullcourtpumps came from a play on words of the defensive play of a full court press. Pumps to show the femininity of the site being that I am a female.”

Borderline genius. Just like the time she (probably) used promotional tweets as a defense when an athlete spoke out against her tabloid-esque book.


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