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July 31, 2013

South Carolina Employing Padded Helmet Approach To Reduce Concussions

by Jared

If you aren’t aware of the Class-A shit-storm that concussions have wrought upon the sport of football, you may need to get your head checked. Not only have they become the most “common” injury in the sport, in light of the cavalcade of research on the subject, they have become the most devastating as well. That’s a problem.

Here’s the solution: Guardian Caps.

Yikes. When teams like Oregon are busy developing insanely awesome glow-in-the-dark dystopian cyborg helmets, it becomes clear that “cool factor” will definitely be an obstacle for implementing these Michelin Man beanies. To support my claim that they aren’t cool just yet, just watch this Thai-style animation of how they work.

That’s why it’s so important for major-badasses like Jadeveon Clowney to rock these in practice.

[Via USAToday] The padded shells, made of polyurethane fabric, are designed to fit over helmets and reduce impacts to the head…
There’s controversy whether the caps violate helmet certification standards. But South Carolina tried 32 of them on linemen in the spring, liked them and bought 75 more to go team-wide for practice, says athletic trainer Clint Haggard.

That’s a start. Though they’re far from replacing the current fallible brain bags, expect to see more teams trying them out for practice purposes as football inevitably makes the transition to flags and/or two-hand touch.


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