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August 5, 2013

The Odds Say That Johnny Football Won’t Play In Week 1, And Might Not Play At All This Year

by Jared

As everyone knows, Johnny Manziel is under NCAA investigation for getting “five figures” of dollars for selling autographs. If the report is true, Johnny Football will almost assuredly be Johnny Suspended, probably for a longer duration than were A.J. Green and the Ohio State players that committed similar, less lucrative violations in recent years.

You can bet on this sort of thing (if you have inside info, or if you’re stupid and like guessing unpredictable events), which means there are odds on Johnny getting suspended. Via 5dimes:

his means that the market thinks that:

There is a 68% chance Johnny doesn’t play in Texas A&M’s first game, and a 32% chance he does.

And: there is a 65% chance he plays in any game this year, and 35% chance he doesn’t.

If Johnny doesn’t play in Game 1, he’s probably not playing against Alabama, because that’s Game 3, and a two-game suspension would be surprisingly small. So, let’s all hope this isn’t true, because if some stupid signatures robbed us from another ‘Bama-Johnny epic, we’ll be very angry at you, NCAA, Johnny’s culpability aside.

This whole thing sucks for everyone except Nick Saban and Alabama fans, which is a sad, recurring scenario.


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