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August 6, 2013

A Couple Mormons Hustle Black Guys In Basketball

by Jared

If someone in BYU’s athletic department hasn’t already reached out to the young men above, they should probably get on that. The ballers you see dressed in church clothes are Mormon missionaries with some serious game.

I’m sure their opponents didn’t imagine a tomahawk dunk was in the forecast when the visiting team was bricking shots before the 2-on-2 game got underway. For what it’s worth, the hoop looked like it may have been lower than 10 feet. But still, no one expected a couple of dudes wearing dress pants and ties to start rocking the rim.

 So, this has to be the closest thing to White Man Can’t Jump, right? I’m they air balled multiple shots, then out of nowhere turning the game into NBA Jamz.

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