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August 23, 2013

Adrian Peterson Says He’s Juicing On The Blood Of Jesus

by Jared

When you run for 2000 yards after blowing out your ACL it gives you a little media protection. Adrian Peterson has said a lot of curious things in the offseason.

He has had a strong opinion of PEDS in the NFL and those who think he might be juicing. Check out this quote from The Score.

“I think the one thing I’ll always remember from the field last year happened in Detroit, early in the season. One of the linebackers came up to me—I don’t want to say who it was—and he said, ‘Adrian, what are you taking? What juice you using? I gotta get me some of that.’ I said, ‘I’m juicing on the blood of Jesus. Faith is what got me to this point.’ So the Lions came to Minnesota later in the season. That same linebacker came to me and said: ‘I appreciate you saying that. You opened my eyes.’ That was pretty cool.”

I’ve never been a fan of when athletes say God is the sole reason for their success. Does God not like Chris johnson anymore?

It’s always innocent until proven guilty, but let the record show that Peterson better never be caught with anything more than Jesus Juice in his system.

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