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August 28, 2013

The Stands Are On Fire In Support Of Racist Behavior: Just Another Night In Polish Soccer

by Jared

As part of its crackdown on racist behavior, the UEFA punished defending Polish champions Legia Warsaw for incidents involving the team’s fans during a match with The New Saints last month. The league fined the team €30,000 and closed their ultra fans’ usual hangout, the north stands of the Stadion Wojska Polskiego, for their home game of the Champions League playoffs vs. Steaua Bucharest.

Not amused by this penalty, Legia’s more ardent supporters gathered in another section of the stadium and did this:

The banner reads “Ultra Extreme Fanatical Atmosphere”, which is kind of redundant when everything around it is on fire.

Must be a bitch to be a hot dog vendor in that stadium. “Aw, I got the Ultra Extreme section again?” (Dons flame-retardant overalls).

Of course you can’t blame the league for wanting to compel fans to dial back the racism, and the Legia Ultras are one of Europe’s most egregious offenders. Remember this fun banner they hoisted during a match with Israel’s Hapoel Tel Aviv?

Well, all I can say to fans attending future Legia Warsaw games is, bring plenty of smores. As Alfred Pennyworth said, “Some people just want to see the world burn.”

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