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September 25, 2013

Mike Trout is open to playing for a new team

by Jared

Mike Trout is still under the Los Angeles Angels’ control for another four seasons and quite a ways away free agency. He and his agent have not talked with the team about a possible contract extension, insisting that they will be patient. Another concern for the Angels is that Trout seems open to the possibility of playing elsewhere.

Trout’s agent Craig Landis said Tuesday that there haven’t been talks with the Angels about an extension and that they are being patient. Though Trout says he loves playing in Anaheim and calls it a “great place to play,” he may be open to playing elsewhere.

“It’s about time to start looking for a house,” Trout said, via the Los Angeles Times’ Mike DiGiovanna. “I’m trying to see what direction my career takes me. Do I want to buy a house out here or some other place?”

Why would Trout consider buying a home elsewhere if he weren’t considering leaving the Angels when he becomes a free agent? That’s what the comment indicates to me.

Trout won Rookie of the Year last season and should have been AL MVP. He leads MLB in WAR for the second season in a row and is having an even better season than last year. By the time free agency comes, he may be in position to be sign the most lucrative contract in baseball history.

Will the Angels be the team to pay it? Josh Hamilton’s contract will be up by then, as will Jered Weaver and CJ Wilson’s. Weaver and Wilson are on good contracts, but the point is the Angels should have money then as long as they don’t commit to huge contracts in the next few seasons. Unfortunately Albert Pujols will still be making a boatload of cash in 2018, but the team should have plenty of money to offer Trout. By the time he’s a free agent, he could be a $35-million-a-year player.


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