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October 8, 2013

D.C. bar offers free shots for Tony Romo interceptions

by Jared

Being ridiculed and chastised for passing over 500 yards in an NFL game doesn’t happen often unless you’re Tony Romo of course. Unfortunately for Romo, the sting of defeat is still as painful as the moment it happened even days after the infamous fourth quarter interception against the Denver Broncos. Bleacher Report reports that a bar in DC, Duffy’s Irish Pub, is adding insult to injury by offering people who wear Redskins gear free shots for every interception Romo throws in week 6 when the Cowboys play the Redskins.

The bar setup information for the event with the caption reading:

“The Skins play the Cowgirls on Sunday night this week.

Everyone wearing Skins gear gets a free shot of Jameson each time Tony Romo throws an interception!”

The sad truth is that Romo has actually only thrown two interceptions for the entire season, but Sunday’s ill-fated fourth quarter decision blemished an otherwise astounding performance by Romo and cost the Cowboys a win against the seemingly unbeatable Broncos. Let’s hope that that one interception doesn’t lead to a road of several more for Romo the rest of the season.

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