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October 8, 2013

Weed Was To Ricky Williams What Spinach Was To Popeye, Says Ricky Williams

by Jared

When you think of Ricky Williams, two things likely come to mind: One, he was a pretty good running back in the NFL who people (namely, Mike Ditka) thought would be a great running back, so he’s kind of a bust. Two, he likes weed. In fact, he retired from the NFL in his prime partly because he was failing drug tests. He’s become a kind of cult hero for his unabashed love of pot, which didn’t stop him from returning to the league and remaining a solid contributor until he retired in 2012.

Ricky Williams is the running backs coach at the University of Incarnate Word, but, as this interview with Bonnie Bernstein shows, he’s still pro-pot.

The choicest line, in case you can’t watch the video:

“I don’t agree that [weed] was an Achilles heel, I kind of think it was more like spinach for Popeye.”

Although we don’t necessarily think of weed as a performance-enhancer, the (reported) effects of sativa strains of pot do sound like they’d be perfect for a football player. Sativa, as opposed to indica, creates highs that are “uplifting and energetic,” are “great for daytime use,” and have known “pain relief properties.” After getting battered around in practice all day, perhaps Ricky enjoyed sitting back and regenerating with strains like “Green Crack Extreme” or “Killing Fields” or even “Super Cat Piss.”

I really hope that Ricky Williams’ spinach was Super Cat Piss. I don’t want anything else more at this moment than for that to be true.

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