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October 15, 2013

Dodgers’ ‘Rally Bear’ Storms Game 3, Is Banned From Dodger Stadium For Six Months

by Jared

Yes, that’s Dustin Hoffman in the crowd watching the first mascot in Los Angeles Dodgers history.

During the eighth inning of Monday night’s Game 3 of the NLCS in Los Angeles, a man in a makeshift bear costume left his seat and clambered atop the Cardinals’ dugout, proceeding to dance and fire up the crowd. Dressed in a Dodgers’ jersey and no uniform pants, the man, calling himself “Rally Bear”, performed various antics for only a minute or so until he was apprehended by stadium security and led away.

Rally Bear was reportedly hauled off in a police car. He was banned from Dodger Stadium for six months. Los Angeles Times:

The 50-year-old man behind “Rally Bear,” Mark Monninger of Rancho Cucamonga, said he pulled the stunt to promote the idea of the Dodgers’ getting a mascot.

Monninger called it “a gonzo, guerrilla-thing where you just go for it.”

“Not bad for a white guy…. Trust me, it can get way better,” Monninger said of his late-game performance. “I can tear up a rug if I have to.”

The owner of an office-furniture store, Monninger said he was trying to drive home the point that the Dodgers need a mascot.

“I’m not trying to promote any organization or cause…. I just want to show fans, this is what is out there, this is someone that can entertain you,” he said.

He decided on a bear costume because “bears are cuddly, they look good.”

And of course, this:

Monninger said that as he was taken away in a squad car out of the stadium, fans saw him in the back seat and chanted “Free the bear! Free the bear!”


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