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November 5, 2013

Antrel Rolle says Jonathan Martin should be blamed as much as Incognito

by Jared

A lot of people are thinking this, but not many are saying it publicly.

Antrel Rolle isn’t one to bite his tongue though.

“Well, first…… of all, know something like that would never, ever happen to myself, because I wouldn’t allow it to happen. I think, you know, that’s something that people really need to understand and look at. Yeah, was Richie Incognito wrong? Absolutely. But I think the other guy is just more to blame as Richie because he allowed it to happen. And, you know, at this level, you’re a man. You know? You’re not a little boy. You’re not a freshman in college. You know, you’re a man. So I think everything has its limits. So there’s no way that another man is goin to make me pay for something that I choose not to pay for. … So, Richie Incognito, is he wrong? Absolutely. But I think the other guy is just as much to blame because he’s allowed it to happen. … Hopefully he’s able to bounce back and recover from all that has happened and understand it, and take awareness of, you know, that, man, you’re a grown-ass man. You need to stand up for yourself. … Hazing is one thing. Bullying is another.”

Rolle makes an excellent point. Martin decided to walk away from the situation, others might have punched Incognito in the face. Is one right and one wrong? You are entitled to your personal opinion, but just remember that is all it is, an opinion.


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