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November 11, 2013

Tim Tebow reportedly interested in broadcasting career

by Jared

Tim Tebow may finally be coming to the realization that his days of playing in the NFL are over. Considering the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars have no interest and several teams have chosen not reach out to Tebow despite injuries at the quarterback position, he can probably take the hint. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Tebow is now exploring potential broadcasting careers.

Rapoport reported on Sunday that Tebow has hired well-known broadcasting agent Nick Khan and has his sights set on NFL broadcasting. If he can not find an NFL job, Tebow will look at college television jobs.

After he was released by the New England Patriots before the season, Tebow reportedlyturned down an inquiry to switch positions. He then began working on his throwing mechanics at USC and assured Twitter followers he was committed to pursuing his dream of being an NFL quarterback. Have the last 10 weeks been a reality check?

Jaguars fans have rallied for their team to sign Tebow, but the ownership group is not interested. Maybe they could bring him in as a broadcaster since their fans seem so passionate about him. Someone give the man a shot. It’s bad enough that his playing career could be history.

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