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January 24, 2014


The HBS: Villain Swag

by Asti

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

Richard Sherman

Every now and then, we are reminded why society sucks. Mike “the Buzz-saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer” Gerbo are always here to put the buffoons in their place. Maybe the first step could be handing out dictionaries, since many people don’t seem to understand the definitions of words.

Super Bowl 48

We have our Super Bowl 48 matchup. The number ranked offense, the Denver Broncos, will battle the number one ranked defense, the Seattle Seahawks. But that’s not what’s been the focus. Richard Sherman has been the center of attention for his pro wrestling style promo, after his big play over Michael Crabtree (#Mediocre) won Seattle the NFC crown. Is this moment of arrogance enough to stain a guy, who has actually achieved much success overcoming extreme obstacles? How much is race a factor in labeling a highly intelligent cocky athlete a “thug” for one action. You may not want to hear about race, but Mike calls a spade a spade.

Richard Sherman Michael Crabtree

Keeping previewing the game to next week, your favorite sports genius’ also discuss if Peyton Manning needs a second ring for his legacy and if Mike and George argue if Russell Wilson criticism is fair.

Calgary Flames v Vancouver Canucks

Tortszilla 2

The week asinine didn’t end with the Sherman controversy. Vancouver Canuck head coach, John Tortorella, went absolutely bat shit crazy in a game against Calgary. Was Torts justified for goung all #Tortszilla on his opponent? Did the Flames management get off easy and being wrongly victimized?


All the wall to wall asininity concludes with the MLBPA trying to kick Alex Rodriguez out of the union. Um while this is impossible, the Buzz-saw goes off about why A-Rod has actually been screwed over by an organizaton designed to defend him.

Villains aren’t always who you think they are.

It’s a villian appreciating Howitzer and Buzz-saw, as they conquer sports radio, one day, at a time….

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