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February 13, 2014

Bengals Cheerleader Files Lawsuit Claiming $2.85/Hr Pay

by Jared

Lately there have been a run on cheerleaders suing for not being paid the appropriate wage. Now we can add a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader to the list. From Cincy Jungle:

Alexa is a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals and, according to a complaint that was filed earlier this week, she only receives $90 per home game — which appears to be the standard rate for most of the team’s cheerleaders. If she combined all of the work she puts into the games and practices (they practice 6-8 hours per week), she translates her pay rate to “less than $2.85 an hour”, roughly five dollars less than the state minimum hourly wage.

Brenneman filed a Class Action Complaint against the Cincinnati Bengals, following atrend with cheerleaders from other teams. Brenneman claims that along with the uncompensated hours during practice, she promotes the Ben-GALS calendar and attends mandatory charity events.

It sounds to me like NFL teams have been running a scam of sorts on these cheerleaders for years and the finally figured it out. If these wages really are anything what she alleges they are, then the Bengals should be ashamed of themselves.

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