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February 15, 2014


The HBS: A Transcending Era

by Asti

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

Michael Sam SI Cover

Sports often move past the field of play to a transcending role in society. Recently, a few somewhat asinine, yet also, inredibly controversial and powerful stories did just that. Mike “the Buzz-saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer” Gerbo aren’t afraid to tackle any topic.


Michael Sam was known as the SEC Defensive Player of the Year. He was known as a driving force to Missouri’s success. Michael Sam is now also known as an openly gay man. Upon his draft, Sam will be the first openly gay NFL player. How is his truth different from other former out athletes, who either were fringe players or came out after their careers were over? Does being gay hurt his draft stock? What obstacles will Sam have to conquer?

Marcus Smart

Marcus Smart Shove

While a college football star made news for his courage, a college basketball star became a news sensation for mostly negative reasons. Marcus Smart goes all out buzz-saw on fan, shoving him in the crowd. Mike explains why, no matter what may or may not have been said by the buffoon, a player just can’t assault a fan.

USA Hockey

Now that the Olympic hockey is underway, are there any changes to your favorite sports genius’ picks? Team Russia is the heel squad. Why? George hates the Russian team for no reason. Of course, Mike is officially on the bandwagon.


The Howitzer and Buzz-saw aren’t architects. But none the less, construct a couple Mount Rushmore’s. LeBron feels he’s on the NBA’s all-time mountain? Is he right? And with the announcement of Derek Jeter’s impending retirement, where does Jeter rank in New York Yankee lore?

Derek Jeter

A sports radio Mount Rushmore will surely include the Howitzer and Buzz-saw, as the HBS duo conquers sports radio, one day, at a time….

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