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April 6, 2014

Boston Bruins owner looking to buy Bills; keep them in Buffalo

by Jared

There may be some good news for Buffalo Bills fans who don’t want their team to be moved to another city. According to NBC Sports, there is a strong possibility that Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs could buy the team and keep them in Buffalo.

Jacobs is the CEO of Delaware North Companies and is reportedly worth around $3 billion. Better yet is that Delaware North is headquartered in Buffalo and Jacobs was born and raised there. Since Jacobs already owns the Bruins, there could be a conflict of interest. The NFL has a rule stating that owners can only own other franchises in other leagues if the franchises are in the same market as the NFL team. There is a way around this, as long as Jacobs is willing to transfer controlling interest of one of the teams to a member of his family, similarly to what Stan Kroenke did when he bought controlling interest in the St. Louis Rams. Kroenke transferred controlling interest of the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche to his son.

Jacobs son, Jeremy Jacobs Jr., has already been on the record in 2012 saying that his family will do what they can to ensure the Bills stay in Buffalo so things definitely look promising for Bills fans if the Jacobs family are able to buy the team.



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