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May 28, 2014

Qatar Wants To See No Skin Of Any Kind At 2022 World Cup

by Jared

Well, I’d like to go to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup, but I hear there’s going to be a dress code. And I refuse to cover up “from shoulders to knees” as their government demands: this body is too spectacular to be hidden from the masses.

In a telling reminder of what camel feces is potentially going to hit the fan when they play host to the Cup, Qatar will begin its “Reflect Your Respect” campaign in mid-June, and is already urging visitors and foreign residents to respect the nation’s decency laws. Now, your idea of decency and their idea are probably two very different things, especially if you are David Beckham, or Cher. That being the case, Qatar has produced some nifty flyers to guide you (see above).

Huffington Post:

The campaign, called “Reflect your Respect,” is set to kick off in the small Middle Eastern country on June 20, just before the Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins, Doha News reports. Women and children will pass out leaflets, along with flowers and chocolates, in public places to spread the following message: “If you are in Qatar, you are one of us. Help us preserve Qatar’s culture and values, please dress modestly in public places.”

These rules are not officially sanctioned by the government, but there seem to be severe penalties attached, so they might as well be.

So this World Cup is still eight years off, but we can see how Qatar’s conservative social attitudes could be an issue when soccer fans start to flock in. The good news is that soccer hooligans tend to cover up well.

But it’s not just the way people dress. There’s also this:

Yep, you can get six months in jail for saying “damn it”. Or a week for “poopy”.


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