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July 31, 2014

Wolves set to Trade Love to Cavs in three weeks

by Jared

ESPN reports that a prospective Kevin Love trade to the Cavaliers has become a matter of “if, not when.” No other team is offering nearly the haul that Cleveland is — namely, two top overall draft picks (Anthony Bennett, Andrew Wiggins) and a future first round pick — which means that, unless the Warriors suddenly decide to offer Klay Thompson, Love will almost definitely be a Cavalier next season.

Now, we wait:

Wiggins is not eligible to be dealt until Aug. 23 after signing his rookie contract last week, but numerous league insiders — some of whom are gathered in Las Vegas for this week’s Team USA training camp — have begun to describe a Love-to-Cleveland trade as a “when” transaction as opposed to an “if.”

With three weeks to go until Wiggins is eligible to be swapped for Love, one source said Wednesday that James himself already is “looking forward” to the prospect of welcoming the All-Star power forward as his newest teammate.

In fact, neither the Wolves nor the Cavs can even talk publicly about making the trade until another 24 days have passed:

NBA officials are adamant that there can be no acknowledgement of a trade, from either the Wolves or the Cavaliers, until the 30 days pass from Wiggins’ signing.

Great. This means that the Cavs have to leave their 20-year-old former-cornerstone flapping in the wind and pretend like they’re not about to ship him off to Minnesota for someone move proven. Wiggins’ potential just took a serious hit — he’ll go from learning under the league’s best player (for now) to being “the man” in Minnesota. At least, as a Canadian, he’ll used to the cold.

Will another team jump in with a big offer to make things more interesting? We’ll have more than three weeks to find out.

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