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August 5, 2014

Cavs, Timberwolves agree on Kevin Love trade

by Jared

Book it (possibly).This trade is (reportedly) a sure-thing. (Could be) In the bag. 100 percent (maybe) completed.

The NBA is full of trivial rules, which is why when Andrew Wiggins got signed to his rookie contract with the Cavs, we knew they wouldn’t actually wait 30 days to deal him. It seems like that’s the case, as NBA Sports’ Pro Basketball Talk puts together a compelling argument for why this deal is essentially done. The most obvious piece of evidence comes courtesy of ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. Here’s what he said on ESPN Radio:

The deal is done but not done. The teams have agreed, but they can’t say they have agreed and they can’t agree, because we’re in this weird moratorium period because you can’t trade Andrew Wiggins until the 23rd of this month. So, between now and then – which is, what, 19 days – could some of that happen? Could a team come in with a trade that maybe Minnesota doesn’t see? Yes, it could happen. So therefore it is not done.

Well then. PBT goes on to note the many other reasons to believe this deal is in the works, and none of them have to do the with the store. The Timberwolves are looking at Love replacements, they told him to sit out the FIBA World Cup, and owner Glen Taylor said a deal was “likely.”

This 30 days thing is so dumb. It’s yet another example of how front office decision makers can simply circumvent these silly rules. It’s like drinking a few beers at home two weeks before you turn 21. There will be a celebration when the real thing finally arrives, but that’s not going to stop you from cracking a few before the exact date.

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