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August 26, 2014

So, Apparently LeBron Recruited Kevin Love After He Signed With The Cavs

by Jared

During his introductory press conference today, Kevin Love shed some light on the process that took him from disgruntled T-Wolve to the happiest player in the NBA. “LeBron had decided to come back to the Cleveland Cavaliers and he called me just a few hours post. I said, ‘You know what, I’m in.’”

Hmmm, sounds fishy, considering Love had one more year left on his deal…

[NBA Memo on tampering] “Article 35E of the NBA Constitution states that it’s a violation of the league’s anti-tampering rule for any person affiliated with an NBA team to directly or indirectly (i) entice, induce, or persuade, or attempt to entice, induce or persuade, any player, coach, GM or other person under contract to any other NBA team to enter into negotiations for or relating to that person’s services or to negotiate or contract for such services, or (ii) otherwise interfere with the employment relationship between that employee and the other NBA team.”

We’re not saying anyone should be fined or suspended or excommunicated — tampering rules are bullshit any way you slice it — but it was funny to hear Love dish on how LeBron may or may not have recruited him to join forces in “The Land.” Seeing as the Raptors were fined $25,000 when Drake mentioned Kevin Durant’s name on stage at OVO Fest, we wouldn’t be surprised if Bron broke some stupid rule by contacting Love in the moments after he changed teams on July 12th. Though David Stern has said players are excluded from tampering rules, article 35E (above) seems to imply that they can, in fact, be punished for contacting other players who are under contract (because players are “team employees”).

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