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August 28, 2014

Report Says Rob Ford Once Made His Football Team Roll Around In Goose Crap

by Jared

According to documents obtained by the Toronto Star on Wednesday, Ford, who coached football at Don Bosco Catholic High School in Toronto, was fired in part because he made his players “roll around in goose scat.”

The Star:

The most sensational allegation contained in the documents came from Royiwsky, who told the board that Ford “made the players roll in goose scat” and “called them —-suckers” after an Oct. 2012 game against Father Henry Carr secondary school. Yan said Ford “wasn’t happy with the performance or the level of intensity.”

“I guess he was doing his Vince Lombardi impression,” Yan said.

Among other misdeeds by Ford as listed in the documents, released due to the Freedom on Information Act, were:

* Threatening to beat up a teacher.

* Showing up intoxicated to the final practice before his team was to play in the Metro Bowl in 2012.

* Sticking the school with a $5,000 bill for helmets which he had promised to pay for.

* Holding improper summer practice in which a player broke his collarbone.

When asked to respond, Rob Ford’s brother, Toronto councillor Doug Ford, had the most amusing quote of the day:

“I don’t give two craps,” Doug Ford said when asked about the allegations about the mayor. “You guys are the most biased media in the country. Bar none.”

Rob Ford, who was recently released from a rehab facility for alcohol addiction, was fired last year from a side-job as a volunteer coach at Don Bosco after he made disparaging remarks to a TV network about parents and their children.

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