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September 19, 2014

The HBS: The Tainted “Shield”

by Asti

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

Adrian Peterson 2

Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson 1

The asininity just won’t ever end. Anyone who thought it couldn’t worse than the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal for the NFL, was very very wrong. Mike “the Buzz-saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer” Gerbo continue their annoyance on the asinine issues, that seem to never stop plaguing sports. While they’re annoyed like everybody else, your favorite sports genius’ were born to analyze the overly asinine.

Vikings running back Peterson celebrates touchdown during NFL football game against Packers in Minneapolis

Adrian Peterson joins Rice among recognizable running backs, now shamed by off the field transgressions. With pictures of abuse to his four-year old son surfacing, what is the perception of Peterson compared to Rice? Did the Vikings handle this situation properly or did they go from handling it right to messing it up? Why has NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell been silent during the Peterson drama? Mike goes on one of his epic rants explaining why it’s not as easy as some think for a franchise to outright release a star player dealing with legal trouble. What can the league do to change? A message to the buffoons claiming their “done” with the NFL is sent.


Winston 1

Unacceptable behavior isn’t going in the professional ranks. Jameis Winston can’t stop acting a fool. Will this recent incident cause a red flag in Winston’s draft stock? How were Manziel’s actions different? Suspended for only one half?! Come on, man!

Adam Jones

Wilson Ramos

To sprinkle some joy in this field of ridiculousness, the MLB pennant races are almost over. Who will claim the final playoff spots? Could we have an Orioles and Nationals Beltway World Series? Did Ron Washington owe us an apology for his adultery? The short answer….NO.

If you’re not conquering the asinine, you’re simply not conquering. The Howitzer and Buzz-saw conquer all that is asinine, one day, at a time….


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