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October 1, 2015


The HBS: Falling To Drama

by Asti

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

Papelbon vs Harper

Fall is here and an increase in sports drama is coming with the arrival of the new season on the calendar. Mike “the Buzz-saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer” Gerbo turn the page to October.

Papelbon vs Harper Motion

As another Major League Baseball season comes to a close, the focus should be on the playoff positioning, right? Well don’t ever underestimate something very asinine surpassing taking over the headlines. The Washington Nationals were supposed to be preparing for a run at a World Series. Instead, the Nats completed one of the most disappointing years in baseball history with one player choking another in the dugout. Jonathan Papelbon put both hands around the neck of the face of the franchise, Bryce Harper. What may have triggered this asinine outburst from the superstar closer? Mike rants on the people somehow finding a way to blame Harper for this incident. Are the Nationals in store for a bumpy offseason?

Blue Jays

Fielder and Beltre

MLB: Game Two-St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates



Going into the postseason, it’s now about winning baseball over asinine baseball. Angels, Astros, Rangers, or Twins, who will be left out? Is it the Blue Jays AL pennant to lose? How dangerous are the Astros? Should Royal fans be worried about coasting through the season? The Pirates had one of the best records in baseball, but are once again in the Wild Card Game. Does this speak to needing a change in the format?


NFL: AUG 23 Preseason - Cowboys at 49ers

Another week, another major injury in the NFL. Which star quarterback being out will hurt his team the most? Will an abundance of mostly averages teams allow teams dealing with key injuries to still win? Look at the New England Patriots schedule and find the loss.

Boom goes the Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, conquering sports radio, one day, at a time….

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