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The Side Track: Kings of the West

While the Los Angeles Kings continue to look like unbeatable giant-killers, we ask who the king of the west will be in the NBA and Spiel predicts who will wind up having had the most successful and least successful players to come out of the 2012 NFL Draft.

It’s the Side Track with JR and the Hammer and you can listen to it right here.


The Side Track: A Very Hammer Draftmas

By Alex Wiederspiel and Jon Rudder; with Greg Madia and Matt Nuti

The Hammer’s holiday has come, and over the next three hours prepare to get Hammered as JR moderates the 2012 NFL Draft Preview show in a very special edition of the Side Track. The Hammer is joined by the Hammered Helpers–U92’s football producer Greg Madia and main analyst of the WVU football pregame show Touchdown City Tailgate (follow them on Twitter) and his right hand man and BDL’s very own Matt Nuti.


The Side Track: Where Have All the Good Men Gone?

By Alex Wiederspiel and Jon Rudder; with Mike Asti and Andrew Cousins

The Side Track explores the absurdity of Brendan Shanahan and the NHL’s suspension policy with the Hammer getting rather heated over the Matt Carkner and Shea Weber decisions suspensions and the NHL officials inability to control the games. This leads to the Hammer wondering where have all the good men gone? JR and the Hammer also take a look at early returns this baseball season as well as a lengthy discussion of the NFL Draft on the overtime session on Blog Talk Radio.

The Side Track: Where Have All the Good Men Gone?


The Side Track: Let The Frozen Tournament Begin

By: Alex Wiederspiel and Jon Rudder; with Mike Asti and Will Hirsch

The Side Track previews the upcoming NHL Playoffs this week. The playoffs begin on Wednesday night with 5th seeded Philadelphia at 4th seeded Pittsburgh on NBC Sports at 730 PM EST. You can check out the full preview of the NHL playoffs here on the Side Track with JR and the Hammer with special guest appearances from fellow BDL contributor Mike “The Buzz-saw” Asti and hockey enthusiast Will Hirsch.


The Side Track: Spring Break Sabbatical


The Side Track is a new venture on Blog Talk Radio with Alex “The Hebrew Hammer” Wiederspiel and WVU Sports Reporter Jon Rudder. Take a listen to our most recent show Spring Break Sabbatical as JR and the Hammer break down the National Title game, the NBA, NHL playoff races, MLB Opening Day, and just a bit of the Hammer’s favorite: the NFL Draft.

Alternative statistics, great sports talk, and friendly banter abounds in this new show on Blog Talk Radio every Sunday and Tuesday at 8 PM.

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