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The HBS: The Power Of Solidarity

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

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The HBS: Meeting Expectations

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

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Hottest NFL Wives

Hottest NFL Wives:

Athletes have always been known to attract some of the most attractive females

in the world. That means there are plenty of hot wives floating around in NFL

circles right now. People in fantasy football might only care about the numbers,

but even mediocre talents can score big off of the field. Here’s a look at some of

the hottest wives in the NFL currently.

Gisele Bundchen

When it comes to hot wives in the NFL, Bundchen is one who often gets

mentioned. She has been married to Tom Brady since 2009, and they are

considered to be the most powerful couple in the game. It’s hard to upstage a

future Hall of Famer, but Bundchen has mad quite a name for herself as a model

for Victoria Secret.

Jessie James

Much like Bundchen, James has her own successful career instead of just living

off the fame of her husband Eric Decker. While he is busy being productive in

fantasy football as a wide receiver, she has continued to grow her country music

Lauren Tannehill

In many ways, Ryan Tannehill aspires to be Tom Brady. They are both

quarterbacks in the same division, and he can only hope to one day dominate the

AFC East like he has. He’s already mastered the off the field emulation, as he

has landed a model wife of his own in Lauren. She might not be a Victoria Secret

model, but she has grown in popularity since getting married to Ryan.

Kerry Washington

As good as Nnamdi Asomugha might be at football, he is probably never going to

be as well-known as his wife. Washington has really flourished in recent years

thanks to the drama Scandal taking off. She has been acting since the mid-

1990s, so plenty of fans know all about her skill and her beauty.


The First Ever Fantasy Sports Television Network Is Coming Soon

This week, Anthem Media announced the coming launch of the first ever Fantasy Sports TV Network.

The group said that fantasy sports has become a $5 billion-a-year industry. For comparison, the NFL brings in about $9 billion in revenue each year.

Anthem Media added that the network will be the first of its kind, and it hopes to reach as many of the estimated 40 million people in North America who play fantasy sports as it can.

“With the fantasy sports industry growing more rapidly and arguably larger than the business of underlying sports themselves, the time to create a multi-faceted media property for this industry is now,” Louis Maione, Chief Strategy Officer of the network, said in a statement.

The average player (75 percent male, 25 percent female) spends close to $500 per year on fantasy-related items and services, the group said.


Best Fantasy Football buys in 2013 so far

With more than half a season of statistics to go off of, fantasy football owners all around the world are starting to make a few tweaks for one last playoff push. Here are a few top guys to buy as they are poised for a strong finish to the 2013 season.

Bernard Pierce:

The running back for the Baltimore Ravens has been trending up in fantasy football for some time, and as the team gets desperate, they are looking to increase his role. Ray Rice has simply lost his effectiveness this season, and even though the team doesn’t like to run the ball that much, they need to balance out their offense. Pierce will get a chance to go up against a few teams with poor run defenses, most notably the Chicago Bears, in the coming weeks.

Risahrd Matthews:

Miami was supposed to be too talented at wide receiver for Matthews to make an impact this season, but he had an outstanding performance on Monday Night Football against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline may be the star names on the team, but Matthews should finish strong enough to be a reliable waiver wire pickup in fantasy football.

Houston Texans defense:

This team looks to be a mess right now, but defensively they still can produce at a decent level. They are a strong defensive unit, and they are deep enough to handle the offensive woes. They will have to be solid now that Arian Foster is out for the year, but they put pressure on the quarterback and have a decent schedule to take advantage of.


Guy Threatens To Kill Brandon Jacobs Family Over Fantasy Football

Here is the definition of fan*ta*sy- the faculty or activity of imagining things, esp. things that are impossible or improbable.

That means your fantasy football team isn’t real people.  It’s a way for people to play a game based off of having all their favorites players all on the same team.

It’s a game based off of stats and matchups, that’s it.  We all know that some people shouldn’t be allowed to play fantasy football.


According to the Newark Star Ledger, some keyboard gangster felt it appropriate to threaten Giants running back Brandon Jacobs and his family if the injured running back didn’t rush for 50 yards and two touchdowns last night.

Jacobs of course was inactive. Read more »


The Fantasy Fallout From Peyton Manning’s TD-A-Thon

Welcome to the 2013-2014 NFL season! Where full-contact is severely limited and teams pass for seven touchdowns on opening night! Were you playing against Peyton Manning, Demayius Thomas, Wes Welker, or Julius Thomas in your week 1 fantasy matchup? Because I was! And I’m pissed. How could this happen?

Well, for starters, Peyton Manning is still really, really good, and the Ravens’ defense clearly ain’t what it used to be. He ended up going 27 of 42 for 462 yards, equaling 46 fantasy points, which is good enough for 11th best since 2000 (actually tied with an Adrian Peterson game from 2007.) Check it out.
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Fantasy Football’s Top Three Running Back Busts Will Be…

Pat Mayo (@ThePME) gives you three running backs that won’t quite live up to their lofty draft positions… so watch out.


Trent Richardson Out Until August With Leg Injury

Those loud screams you hear right now are fantasy owners everywhere. I love Trent Richardson, I was sold on taking him in the first round this year in fantasy, but now I’m starting to wonder if he can stay healthy for a full 16 game schedule. If this injuries lingers it will certainly have a huge impact on the Browns and fantasy drafts.


Play On Draftstreet

By: Jared Ramos

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