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College Football: Week 5 Recap

By: Chris Haines

Sorry about the past two weeks folks, been hitting the books a little harder than normal, but I got some free time right now so here you go.

Clemson Has Proved Themselves:  I wasn’t going to say anything after Clemson beat Auburn, because I expected Auburn to struggle this year.  I was impressed by the Tigers win over FSU, but that was at home in front of a fired up crowd.  This past weekend the Clemson Tigers proved to me that they are a legit team in the ACC.  Clemson went into Blacksburg for a night game a dominated the Hookies at home.  Now the Hookies do have reputation of being overrated, but they do tend to win games at home.  Clemson has one more in conference road test at Georgia Tech and plays arch rival South Carolina in Columbia, but don’t look now the Tigers have a good shot of going undefeated. Read more »


BDLSports VidCast: LSU – WVU Recap

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo


College Football: Week 2 Recap

By: Chris Haines

Alabama and Notre Dame have settled the QB spot:

AJ McCarron started the game against Penn St and was not pulled at all.  McCarron was 19 of 31 and passed for 163 yards and a TD.  McCarron took the control of the Crimson Tide offense in a not so friendly place at Beaver stadium.  With conference play, on the horizon, this is a plus that ‘Bama finally settled this battle.  McCarron can now get all the reps with the first string and find a rhythm with his receivers in what should be an easy win against North Texas this Saturday. Read more »


College Football: Week 1 Recap

By: Chris Haines

Here’s some things to take away from week 1 of the college football season.

Oregon can’t win on just offense alone: 

You would think that Oregon learned their lesson from the national championship game in January, but it seems they didn’t.  If Oregon is to ever win a national championship, they must learn how to cause turnovers on defense; that’s what cost them the game on Saturday.  Oregon turned the ball over 4 times and LSU only turned it over once, perfect example of how a great defense wins championships.  Now I will give the Ducks D credit for holding LSU’s passing game to under 100 yards, but that wasn’t enough to win the game.

Despite all of the suspensions at LSU, the Tigers’ defense looks to be one of the best in the nation this year, as they held LaMichael James to just 54 rushing yards.  LSU did let Darron Thomas pass for 240 yards, but as I previously said this game was going to be high scoring.  LSU’s stout defense will come in handy during the Alabama and Arkansas games later in the year. Read more »