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Spiel’s Re-Draft 2008 — Jake Long Retains Top Spot

By Alex Wiederspiel

So people are going to be curious about my three straight first overall selections–all have been offensive linemen. I confess that I have a strong affinity for the position, but I also must make it plainly known that my philosophy if I were the general manager of an organization would be to build through the draft, and predominantly build the trenches first. Success in the trenches can mask poor play at other positions, and I believe that the league would have extreme parity if every team had a good offensive line. You find most predominantly that the worst teams in the league year-in and year-out are the teams that struggle to pass protect and/or run block. What also needs to be said?

After doing this one, and this was by far the hardest of all the Re-Drafts, three years is not long enough to judge a player. Quite a few of the players near the bottom of the first round have had only one year of success.

So that being said let us begin the 2008 Re-Draft, where Jake Long will hold his top spot, but there are other changes afoot.

The Re-Draft

1. Miami Dolphins — Jake Long, Left Tackle, Michigan
There can be absolutely no doubt about Long going first overall. He is a top three left tackle in the NFL, and an outstanding all-around linemen. He has the ability to extend his career one day because of his run blocking and strength and play on the right side, but as of right now he’s going to be a long-term left tackle. Long has the occasional struggle against speed rushers, but he’s overall an elite player who is already on the fast track to Canton. Read more »


Spiel’s Re-Draft/Career Rankings (2008) — The Final Chapter of Reilly

By Alex Wiederspiel

Pierre thanks. -- Courtesy Bleacher Report

Quite simply, Rick Reilly’s 2008 re-draft, the final edition of his series, is what I would call offensive as a football fan. He has one year wonder running backs in the top ten, ahead of Jake Long. He had Ryan Clady ahead of Jake Long. He had Tracy Porter in the first round (what world do you live in Rick?) and in his most egregious offense he had one of the most unreliable wide receivers in recent years in the top ten–Pierre Garcon.

I would try and evaluate these, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason behind Reilly’s selections. At all. I’m just going to go ahead and give you my 2008 career rankings, because I’m ready to throw something at Reilly. It’s people like him that explain why the average football fan has no idea what he’s talking about when he yells at the TV screen. Without further ado… Read more »


Spiel’s Re-Draft 2007 — Joe Thomas in Black and Silver

By Alex Wiederspiel

I know that people are going to wonder how the Raiders are going to pass on Darrelle Revis here. After all, wouldn’t it be insane to have Nnamdi Asomugha and Darrelle Revis playing side-by-side? Well, the truth is that Joe Thomas is equally as gifted as a left tackle, and the Raiders already have Asomugha and the rising Stanford Routt, whom they had taken in the second round in 2005.

There’s a lot to say about this draft–mainly that it’s not very strong. There are really only five elite players in this particular draft. After Calvin Johnson there are eight or nine very good players. After Ryan Kalil we move away from “good” to “inconsistent.” Like I said, this class is not particularly strong.

So let the drafting begin.

1. Oakland Raiders — Joe Thomas, Left Tackle, Wisconsin

Something about this guy screams Oakland Raiders. -- Courtesy

Instead of giving Oakland one of the greatest secondaries ever, there can be no doubt that Oakland as a whole would have been better off drafting a left tackle. While they badly needed a quarterback, there are other alternatives, including trading back into the first (though based on the 2007 quarterback class that’s an absolutely terrible idea). While the Raiders signed Kwame Harris in the off-season of 2007, they gave him a 3-year deal, making him relatively expendable. Worst comes to worst, he plays on the right side (or Joe does) and we see how long it takes Kwame to crack. Obviously, though, Joe Thomas in black and silver would be music to the ears of Raiders fans…instead of JaMarcus Russell. Read more »


Spiel’s Re-Draft/Career Rankings (2007) — Seriously, Rick?

By Alex Wiederspiel

Courtesy Reilly seems to think this is the 16th best player from 2007.

Okay so I decided to count how many differences Rick and I had on this one. Eight. He had eight players make the top 32 that had absolutely no business making it in the top 32. Eight players that I almost wonder how on Earth Rick could have thought they deserved it. In the 2006 edition Reilly and I had four players we disagreed on completely, and then a bunch of positioning differences. But in 2007, you see the real reason Rick Reilly’s article was a steaming pile of crap.

Before we begin with the career rankings I will display the eight players that display why I’m so displeased with Reilly.

16th Overall — Kevin Kolb, QB, Philadelphia Eagles
Seriously this is not possible. It’s actually asinine. Surely a player who has only started seven games in four seasons could not be in the top 32. A back-up quarterback at 16? Was this the weakest draft class in history or is Rick Reilly just slurping the Kolb kool-aid? I think the latter, because nobody in their right mind would say Kevin Kolb was worth a first round pick. He’s not Matt Schaub. Schaub was 6’5” 240 pounds with a big arm and came from a pro-style offense at UVA. He then sat for a few years in the Greg Knapp offense in the NFL. Kolb comes from a gimmicky run-and-shoot in Houston and is roughly the size of Colt Brennan. While Schaub looked outstanding in his limited starters, Kolb has forced balls into coverage, and has wracked up big yardage in garbage time (392 yards against the Saints a few years ago). Kolb is looking to take the title of Captain Checkdown from David Carr. Read more »


Spiel’s Re-Draft 2006 — The Actual Draft

By Alex Wiederspiel

(Courtesy What would Haloti Ngata have looked like in New Orleans pale gold?

In conjunction with my previous post, enjoy some mock drafting as we patiently await a new CBA. Here are some things to remember.

– Even with the career rankings, there are certain things that just won’t happen. Nick Mangold won’t go first overall, because DE, DT, and LT are all more important positions then center.
– The Broncos would have been so much better off with me in charge.
– Rick Reilly was really dumb to miss Marques Colston, Miles Austin, Tramon Williams, Kyle Williams, and Brent Grimes.
– Vince Young would have been taken ahead of Jay Cutler if he were not so selfish.
– Make sure you look for the 2007 edition coming later this week!

Read more »


Spiel’s Re-Draft/Career Rankings (2006) — A Response to Rick Reilly

By Alex Wiederspiel

Rick Reilly I might actually hate you after this article.

I have long since come to believe that Rick Reilly is simply another Tony Kornheieser. The only thing that matters to him is the story, not the game. Well that became blatantly obvious when Rick Reilly decided to lead the charge for a “re-draft” for the 2006, 2007, and 2008 NFL Drafts and come up with a ranking system that made almost no sense. Reilly tried to rank the players based on how their careers have gone, but called it a “re-draft.” He didn’t include the team drafting at the pick, he actually simply ranked the players based on their careers. Well that would have been all well and good, except Rick Reilly failed at it. At one point in the 2008 NFL Draft he has four running backs going within five spots, and has them all ahead of Jake Long.

Really Rick? And while Rick makes no mention of not including undrafted free agents, he seems to completely ignore all of them, and in 2006, he misses key undrafted free agents Marques Colston, Brent Grimes, and Miles Austin. How did he do that? 2007 and 2008 didn’t have undrafted free agents who were as good as the class in 2006, but he still misses guys who are currently starting and thriving in the league. The only thing I’ll be fair about to Rick is that two of those guys are not very well known, but are perennially underrated. Well I’m hear to fix the wrongs of Rick Reilly and misconceptions of many others. This will not be a “re-draft” as Reilly calls it. I’m literally going to rank the players careers from 1 to 32. I’m going to do exactly what Reilly did, but do it the right way (and certainly not call it a “re-draft”). What I will do, is when it’s all said and done and I’ve ranked the players…do an ACTUAL re-draft for 2006 with the actual draft order. Read more »