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The HBS: Personality Clash

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

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Rory McIlroy says dumping his girlfriend help him become a better golfer

There has been a lot of speculation that Rory McIlroy’s break up with Caroline Wozniacki has helped his golf game. He ended the engagement after the wedding invitations went out. It sounds a bit crude but the facts are there to support that claim.

Now Rory has basically admitted that being a free man has helped his game out a lot:

I think what happened has been for the better in terms of my golf.

I’ve put a bit more time into it and it has refocused me. I mean, what else do I have to do now? I go to the golf course, I go to the gym and it’s just my life at the minute.

I worked pretty hard before but the past couple of months I’ve really just buried myself in my game. It obviously works pretty well, so I am going to keep doing it.

As talented as Rory is, this is horrible news for the rest of the tour. Since the break up, Rory has won two majors, the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, and made a comeback as the #1 player in the world. Sometimes you have to drop the extra baggage you are carrying around to realize your potential.


The HBS: No Laughing Matter

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

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The HBS: LeBron Has The Whole World In His Hands

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

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The HBS: Can’t Take The Heat

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

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The HBS: Believe In The Warrior

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

The Masters

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It’s A Long Par 3 At Hanglip Mountain … 1,410 Feet Long, Straight Down

Who wants to have some fun?!* How about this 19th hole at Hairlip Mountain, part of the course at Legend Golf and Safari Resort in South Africa. In addition to the occasional lion, Legend features a tee on top of a mountain, with the corresponding green at the bottom of the mountain, 1,410 feet below. You have to be helicoptered up and down to play it.

Here’s Padraig Harrington playing the hole in 2010:


Greatest Golf Shot Ever? You’ve Got To See This

This happened at the British Par 3 Championship back in August, but it’s the first I’ve seen of it. Here’s Matt Wheatcroft on the 95-yard fourth hole at the Cromwell Course at Nailcote Hall, on the back of the green. His ball was right up against a fence, so he did what you or I would do: he faced the fence and whacked one off the post, toward the green behind him. Only instead of ending up with the ball lodged in an eye socket, his shot landed within a foot of the hole.

Sounds like it should be a McDonald’s commercial with Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick.


Elin Nordegren learned of Tiger Woods’ affair by sending fake text messages

This week marks four years since Tiger Woods notoriously crashed his car on Thanksgiving, an even that led to the unraveling of his personal and professional life.

In commemoration of the notorious night that forever changed Tiger’s life and career, the New York Post on Monday wrote a long story recapping what happened that led to Tiger crashing his Escalade and ending up unconscious and taken to the hospital. In their story, they referenced some details shared by The Daily Beast in 2010 about how the whole night unfolded. Some news outlets and websites have mistakenly said that these are new details from a new report. Though these details are actually from an old report, they’re new to me, which is why I’m sharing them.

According to the old Daily Beast report, Elin learned about the affair between Tiger and Rachel Uchitel (the one the National Enquirer first exposed) by stealing his cell phone, reading his text messages, and pretending to be him in text messages sent to Uchitel.

Tiger apparently gave Elin a heads up that The National Enquirer would be running its story alleging that Tiger and Uchitel were having an affair. Tiger supposedly convinced Elin that the relationship between him and Rachel was platonic, and he even organized a 30-minute phone conversation between Elin and Rachel to convince her that nothing was going on.

Elin was supposedly satisfied after speaking with Uchitel, but she learned on Thanksgiving that Uchitel met Tiger while he was in Australia for an event. That led to bickering between him and Elin, and Tiger supposedly took an Ambien to go to sleep to end the fighting. That’s when Elin got all snoopy on him.


The Daily Beast describes what happened next.

After Woods fell asleep, Elin looked through his cellphone, both sources confirmed. There she found text messages to Uchitel’s number—Uchitel was apparently listed in Tiger’s cellphone under her real name—and among them she discovered one that said, “You are the only one I’ve loved.”

Shortly after 1 a.m. in Florida, Elin began texting Uchitel, pretending to be Tiger, according to both sources. Elin wrote, “I miss you,” and asked, “When are we seeing each other again?”

Rachel supposedly texted back and expressed surprise that Tiger was awake, which was a sign that Uchitel and Tiger had spoken earlier in the evening. Elin then called Uchitel from Tiger’s phone, said something like “I knew it was you,” and Uchitel responded something like, “Oh f—,” and hung up.

Elin became enraged after that, woke Tiger up by screaming, and then things got real.

Tiger, still dazed from the Ambien, managed to lock himself in the bathroom to avoid Elin, but when he emerged, she got a hold of his phone again. She supposedly saw that he had been texting Uchitel in the bathroom and even mentioned something along the lines of a divorce. That led Elin to become enraged again. She threw the phone at him, which led to his chipped tooth, and grabbed a golf club and began swinging it at him. He then ran out of the house barefoot, jumped into his car, and crashed in a panic as he was trying to escape her. Oh, and it sure as heck sounds like Elin broke the back window of the car by wildly swinging her golf club.

After that night, the Tiger sex scandal kicked into high gear. Almost every day a new mistress of his came out and exposed him. That lasted a few weeks before the story started to die out. Tiger then went into sex rehab, finally emerged and made a public statement. Elin divorced him, he lost a ton of endorsements, gained some of them back, and now he is finally starting to play better golf. But he still hasn’t won a major since the US Open in 2008.

The truth is four years isn’t very long, but it seems like ages ago that Tiger had the sex scandal. He and Elin have moved on, and now Tiger’s making headlines for his relationship with Lindsey Vonn. It’s crazy how much things have changed.


Tiger Woods, Matt Kuchar bust out ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ handshake

Tiger Woods and Matt Kuchar were paired together for the morning four-ball round at The President’s Cup on Thursday. We have grown used to seeing Woods stone-faced and focused in any type of golf setting. Needless to say, a “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” handshake would typically be out of the question for Tiger.

Not at The President’s Cup, it would seem. After Kuchar knocked in a putt to birdie the first hole and give himself and Tiger an early lead, the fellow Americans broke out the high-five that Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff made famous on the 1990′s sitcom. It will be interesting to see if they do it for the remainder of the tournament, as it was obviously rehearsed ahead of time.

Could this be a new Tiger we’re seeing? Naw, he’ll probably be back to swearing up a storm by hole 15.