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Jerry Rice Seems Confused On How To Do The Carlton Dance

A few celebrities and former athletes got together this weekend for the American Century Championship. The event was going as planned until Jerry Rice decided to show off his dance moves. After an amazing swing, Alfonso Ribeiro stepped back to admire his work. He and Justin Timberlake decided to celebrate with the actors signature Carlton Banks dance. Jerry Rice, runner-up in Season 2 of  “Dancing with the Stars,” refused to be out done as he decided to join in although things didn’t go as planned. I’m not sure at all what Jerry Rice calls this two-step but like his career it should be retired.


Johnny Football partied with Kevin Sumlin and Rick Ross



The ‘Ugly Kardashian’ Is Your Middle School Football Trick Play Of The Season

As football trick plays go, this is pretty good: quarterback takes snap, stands up, shows ball to ref, point to ref, walks through defensive line, then begins sprinting toward end zone. Touchdown. But Lewis & Clark Middle School (Jefferson City, Missouri) (Go Trailblazers!) added a nice touch: their coach named the play the “Ugly Kardashian”, and therein lies the genius. Kids will never forget a play with a name like that.


In South Korea, This Is What Happens To Mayors Who Want To Move Ballparks

A rather heated controversy involving Korean baseball, as Ahn Sang Soo, mayor of the Korean city of Changwon, was pelted with two eggs by assemblyman Kim Sung Il. Unfortunate, but it said right there on the meeting agenda: “Mayor to get egged by disgruntled councilmember.” Ya gotta read those things.

According to the report, mayor Ahn wants to move the baseball stadium in Jinhae (represented by Kim) to Masan in order to attract the NC Dinos. The move would also apparently eliminate a planned research center in Jinhae that would be built along with the stadium.


Hey Dallas Cowboys, The Taiwanese Animators Got Jokes

The Dallas Cowboys are a shitshow right now. Working backwards from today, it’s been a huge practice brawl with the Raiders, a positive test for MDMA by cornerback Orlando Scandrick, and some bizarre suggestive photos of owner Jerry Jones (with an even weirder backstory). Honestly, if Jason Garrett called for a press conference at AT&T Stadium and held a literal show where the media had to watch players shit, it wouldn’t even be the weirdest thing that’s happened in Big D this week. It’s gotten that bad.


Doug McDermott Smokes 99 Amateurs in Game of HORSE

Former Creighton sharpshooter and current NCAA player of the year, Doug McDermott recently took on ninety-nine amatuer basketball players in a intense game of HORSE, as part of a new peanut M&M’s promotion.

After watching this shooting display, it’s hard to imagine him missing many wide open looks on any court, at any level, but then again; when referring to hot collegiate shooters, Adam Morrison is never too distant of a thought. Shooting may not be everything, but one thing is clear, McDermott definitely has a gift that NBA teams will be undoubtedly chomping at the bit to put to the test next season.


Game of Thrones ending gets the Jim Ross treatment

If you have not watched last Sunday’s Game of Thrones just bookmark this post to avoid the spoiler. If you did watch it, enjoy this awesome Jim Ross treatment of the ending fight between the Red Viper vs The Mountain.


Nigeria is being investigated for the most blatant match fixing ever

On Tuesday British police began an investigation on allegations that Wednesday’s international friendly between Nigeria and Scotland might be fixed. And on Wednesday, the play you see in the video above occurred.

Now I’m no expert on match fixing, or soccer for that matter. But it sure looks like Nigeria goalkeeper Austin Ejide flips the ball into his own net in this video.

On Tuesday, the London Telegraph reported that the National Crime Agency (Britain’s FBI) asked FIFA to issue an alert over attempts to rig the match, to be played in London the next day.

This is one of the plays in that match, and the word fishy doesn’t begin to describe it. Sports Illustrated:

With Nigeria trailing 1-0, Ejide appeared to sensationally throw the ball into his own net off a corner kick in the 32nd minute. The play didn’t stand, as it was nullified when Scotland’s Grant Hanley was whistled for a foul. Nigeria didn’t fail to secure its own goal, though, with Azubuike Egwuekwe turning a cross into his own net in the 52nd minute, breaking a 1-1 deadlock.

Nigeria scored in the 90th minute and the match ended in a 2-all draw, so that complicates matters even more. The answers are shrouded in mystery right now. So let’s just enjoy the most suspicious soccer video in recent times.



Meet the man that makes all the WWE Championship belts

On the list of “Awesome Uncle Hobbies,” making WWE’s Heavyweight Championship belt has got to be damn near the top. Maybe just ahead of owning and operating a PBR-themed putt-putt course, but right behind building a functional homemade rocket ship in the backyard. In the world of giant leather straps with ornate golden plaques fastened to them, Dave Millican is the Gianni Versace.

This was news to us, seeing as at least three different kids from our elementary school claimed that their Dads made the belts in their respective garages. Kevin, Denny, Mikey — you’re all full of shit.


World’s Strongest Banner, Or World’s Most Inept Junior Varsity Softball Team?

I can think of zero reasons to watch girls junior varsity softball if you don’t have a daughter on the team. Or I used to think that way — until I saw this. Now we’ve got a reason.

Not sure what school this is, but apparently their paper has an extra bond not found in nature, and they’ve outlawed perpetual motion.