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The HBS: Meeting Expectations

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

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The HBS: Straight Outta Asinine

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

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The HBS: Let’s Get “Rowdy!”

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

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The HBS: Turn Up The Heat

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

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Who Will LeBron Face Off Against In ‘Space Jam 2’? Ranking Possible Monstar Squads

Rumors are swirling that Warner Bros. and LeBron James will work to reboot/revitalize/reimagine/sequel-ize “Space Jam,” one of the most beloved sports movies of all time (especially for kids of the ’90s) for its genius pairing of Michael Jordan and Looney Tunes, plus Bill Murray and Larry “Clear” Bird.

If you’re not familiar with the film, a very quick recap: Jordan teams up with the Looney Tunes to play basketball against a team of aliens called the Monstars, who have stolen the powers — meaning the skills and physical attributes — of Jordan’s fellow NBA stars (Muggsy Bogues, Larry Johnson, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing and Shawn Bradley, who were chosen both for their talent and, in the case of Bradley, because it would be funny to have such a tall guy on the team).

So if LeBron really does make a sequel to “Space Jam,” he’s the obvious choice for the lead. He’s the closest we have to Jordan in this era. He’s the league’s best and most marketable star. He’s already got the acting experience. It just makes sense. But the real question is: Which NBA players will become the basis for the newest Monstar squad?

There are plenty of marketable, funny, talented guys in today’s game. In all likelihood, dudes like Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis and Blake Griffin will get the call. But we’ve got lots of options — let’s rank possible Monstar squads based on themes besides “They’ll probably get the role.” A few ideas: Read more »


Bill Simmons Signs With HBO

SI is reporting Bill Simmons is headed to HBO where he will host a weekly TV Show on the network. Here are a few more details of what Simmons will be doing at HBO.



Jerry Rice Seems Confused On How To Do The Carlton Dance

A few celebrities and former athletes got together this weekend for the American Century Championship. The event was going as planned until Jerry Rice decided to show off his dance moves. After an amazing swing, Alfonso Ribeiro stepped back to admire his work. He and Justin Timberlake decided to celebrate with the actors signature Carlton Banks dance. Jerry Rice, runner-up in Season 2 of  “Dancing with the Stars,” refused to be out done as he decided to join in although things didn’t go as planned. I’m not sure at all what Jerry Rice calls this two-step but like his career it should be retired.


Hottest NFL Wives

Hottest NFL Wives:

Athletes have always been known to attract some of the most attractive females

in the world. That means there are plenty of hot wives floating around in NFL

circles right now. People in fantasy football might only care about the numbers,

but even mediocre talents can score big off of the field. Here’s a look at some of

the hottest wives in the NFL currently.

Gisele Bundchen

When it comes to hot wives in the NFL, Bundchen is one who often gets

mentioned. She has been married to Tom Brady since 2009, and they are

considered to be the most powerful couple in the game. It’s hard to upstage a

future Hall of Famer, but Bundchen has mad quite a name for herself as a model

for Victoria Secret.

Jessie James

Much like Bundchen, James has her own successful career instead of just living

off the fame of her husband Eric Decker. While he is busy being productive in

fantasy football as a wide receiver, she has continued to grow her country music

Lauren Tannehill

In many ways, Ryan Tannehill aspires to be Tom Brady. They are both

quarterbacks in the same division, and he can only hope to one day dominate the

AFC East like he has. He’s already mastered the off the field emulation, as he

has landed a model wife of his own in Lauren. She might not be a Victoria Secret

model, but she has grown in popularity since getting married to Ryan.

Kerry Washington

As good as Nnamdi Asomugha might be at football, he is probably never going to

be as well-known as his wife. Washington has really flourished in recent years

thanks to the drama Scandal taking off. She has been acting since the mid-

1990s, so plenty of fans know all about her skill and her beauty.


The HBS: A Midsummer Night’s Asinine Dream

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

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The HBS: Moving Chaos

By: Mike Asti and George Gerbo

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